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Headquartered in Ohio City!

The Ultimate Smoothie Cafe’ 

Welcome to, the revolutionary smoothie café in Cleveland, Ohio. Right in beautiful vibrant Ohio City!  We offer delicious smoothies infused with unique enhancers like Kava, Kratom, THC, CBD, and medicinal mushrooms from Amanita to Lions Mane. Our blends of vitamins and herbs cater to energy, stress relief, recovery, and fat burning. Experience the perfect combination of health and relaxation with our smoke shop. We source real fresh produce for our nutrient-packed smoothies. Join us in revolutionizing the smoothie industry and embark on a holistic wellness journey. Visit our website for valuable resources on health, wellness, and smoothie culture. Indulge in extraordinary smoothies at

No other smoothie cafe does it like we do!

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Our enhancers/ smoothie boosters are like no other.

Boost ImmunityBoost immunity

Relieve StressRelieve stress

Build MuscleBuild muscle

Aid RecoveryAid recovery (ex. workouts)

Amanita Mushroom Drink Ohio CityFeel blissful (our own special botanical blend!)

Imcrease EnergyIncrease energy

Boost Brain PowerBoost brain power

Burn FatBurn fat

Reduce Aches & PainReduce aches and pain